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Accounts Payable Excellence (AP Excellence Ltd) was founded by June Burke.

June has been working in the Accounts Payable arena for 27 years and has done over and over, what so many others have only talked about. She has a very hands on approach and knows that the only true way to understand how things get done is by talking and working with the people responsible for getting the job done! There’s not much point looking at company policies and procedures to see how things should get done – if that’s not the way they are getting done! There’s also not much point having company policies and procedures that can’t be complied with because the person who wrote them has no idea of how the work gets done.

What is needed is an integrated approach with the people, processes and systems to really see how the works gets gone. Everyone can then work together (Managers included) to agree and improve how things should be done and re-write the policies and procedures (if necessary) to reflect how the work really will get done. The new agreed way of working should then be monitored – again working with the people, processes and systems and following the policies and procedures to ensure they reflect the new way of working. Any fine tuning can then be made to ensure this is all working better.   


Improve the flow of the work. Strengthen internal controls. Policies and procedures will then be complied with. Everyone can come to work and do a good job. 

This creates an empowering culture that enables individuals to maximise their potential.

June has a deep knowledge and understanding of Accounts Payable and Purchase to Pay systems and processes and says:  ‘I did’ is much more effective teaching than ‘You could’ – or ‘You should’.

What we do:

  • Promote professional Excellence in Accounts Payable 
  • Explain ideas in common terms
  • Provide you with practical experience that you will be able to apply in your own work
  • Equip you with a unique understanding for dealing with all aspects of Accounts Payable
  • Equip you with a unique set of skills for dealing with all aspects of Accounts Payable
  • Create an on-line support system to enable you to quickly get answers to some of your questions
  • Recommend cost effective technologies to help ensure you have effective internal controls 

Our story so far . . . 

  • Financial recovery – to date June has recovered over £278K that represented duplicate supplier payments 
  • Identified several fraudulent payments that led to the arrest of an Accounts Payable employee
  • Identified false Expense claims that led to an employee being sacked 
  • Worked in Retail, Advertising, Market Research, Distribution, Manufacturing, Service and Training organisations and understands the different challenges that different industries bring with them for Accounts Payable
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection – implemented simple internal controls to aid in this effort.
  • Process Analysis and Improvement leading to cost efficiencies (and happier Accounts Payable staff!)
  • Driven by finding Pragmatic Solutions to suit the needs of the business
  • Worked with a global brand business to ensure their Purchase to Pay process was Sarbanes-Oxley compliant (previously they had failed their Sarbanes-Oxley audit as they were non-compliant)
  • Designed two workflow systems for the electronic approval of invoices and credit notes 
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